The Rock of Ages

The Rock of Ages is an outdoor display of the major rock types of Wales.

Spanning over 300 million years of Welsh history, it runs alongside the Broadwalk at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

This website will help you to get to know the rocks on the Rock of Ages, and the plant and lichens associated with them. These include film clips of geologist Dr. John Davies and lichenologist Ray Woods, and specially commissioned animations by Emily Hinshelwood.

If you would like to visit the Rock of Ages at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, follow this link for opening times and admission prices.

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Site plan and key

A Pre-Cambrian Rock 615 million years old
B Cambrian Rock 510 million years old
C Ordovician Volcanic Rock 475 million years old
D Ordovician Spotted Dolerite 475 million years old
E Ordovician Rhyolite 480 million years old
F Silurian Rock 430 million years old
G Devonian Red Sandstone 400 million years old
H Dolomitic Carboniferous Limestone 330 million years old
I Carboniferous Limestone 330 million years old
J Upper Carboniferous Sandstone 310 million years old
K Carboniferous Millstone Grit 325 million years old

Rock of Ages site map

Credits: the animations are made by Emily Hinshelwood.

Copyright: All films and animations are copyright free. They may be used again for non-profit purposes provided that the originators and the National Botanic Garden of Wales are credited with a link back to this site.